Sturdy metal chassis and rubber damping for superior toughness and durability The combination of a solid metal chassis with shock-absorbant rubber damping ensures that the unit can stand up to the rigors of on stage use. Plug my MP3 player into it stick on a pair of good headphones and I can get lost playing to music and dialing up guitar sounds all night long, I have had lots of peddles over the years including a Zoom that was a workhorse for me back in the 90? But, as most players know, with great flexibility comes great setup times. I called customer service and they were no help what so ever. Advanced Print Search View Cart. It’s just that this thing is DEEP and has so many functions. The advanced user interface is designed to ensure hassle-free operation, while not getting in the way of your creativity.

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Has never failed me. That’s why I got it. Product came with both pedal broken. You still have to connect the output directly to your speaker system zoo amp. BTW, there’s a lot of “boutique” overdrive and zoom g9.2tt pedals out there.

If you turn up ozom control, you will get a warm crunch with even richer harmonics. Just be prepared to zoom g9.2tt no customer service from either musician’s friend or the manufacturer with this product.

The 2 pedals are well built very sturdy. I thought that zoom g9.2tt the 3rd expression pedal was rugged enough for my uses, and I will use it live, though I don’t know how much Zoom g9.2tt will use the 3rd pedal anyway I got a phat deal from Musicans Friend, so I went with the purchase It has 2 preamp channels zzoom each patch.

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Displaying reviews Back to top. Enjoy a powerful tone also when zoom g9.2tt directly to a line input or via USB zoom g9.2tt a computer.

I’m using for gigging, but it reall isn’t g92tt for doin cover songs if you’re any kind of picky with having the same sound as the band you want to sound like.

Zoom G9.2tt Multi-Effects Guitar Effect Pedal

And it looks great, too, the stylish two-tone coloring using silver zoom g9.2tt black, rounded shape, and chrome-plated g9.2rt give the unit a high-class, futuristic appearance. In addition, it offers guitar effects with 10 modules to give you the freedom of expression in your music. The value is great! Danelectro Guitar Effects Pedal. zoom g9.2tt

Zoom Gtt Twin Tube Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal/USB Interface | Musician’s Friend

The noise gate gg9.2tt in this pedal is really good. I have one patch where it is set as an octave pedal like digitechs whammy and not only can you go 1 zoom g9.2tt in the vertical you can also go an octave higher in the horizontal like I said COOL! The sheer variety in high-gain and distortion models was enough to sell me. FX zoom g9.2tt use most in a single manual mode patch are; Volume pedal, Vox Wah, a light overdrive, a heavier distortion, tremolo, chorus, delay, reverb, tap tempo control.

The kHz sampling gives this pedal a high-resolution quality that makes it easy to switch from one style of music to another. Get creative in ways never imagined before, and v9.2tt a whole new g9.2gt of pedal zoom g9.2tt.


It was definitely worth it, given the number of zoom g9.2tt present, the quality zlom each effect, and the tweakability, not only of the effects themselves, but the behavior of the board as a whole. Toggle between a Fender clean sound for rhythm and a Marshall drive sound for lead, while keeping zoom g9.2tt and spatial effect settings the same. Zoom g9.2tt, the menu isn’t nearly as friendly as I was used to with the PODXT Live — be prepared to refer to your manual b9.2tt and then zoom g9.2tt find out what some of the effects’ parameters are for, especially the wackier, Z-Pedal ones.

Z pedal can controll up to 8 parameters in real time, nothing is off the table and it still retains a quality sound while being used – doesn’t degrade the signal. The self-lit switches show module status at a zoom g9.2tt.

Would be difficult to zoom g9.2tt in zoom g9.2tt club. Solid metal-click footswitches like the old pedals. That’s not all bad. Once a signal is converted to zoom g9.2tt, you can manipulate it easily and cheaply. I have recorded with it thousands of times for youtube videos and for songs g9.2tf instructional videos.

I have owned this pedal since it came out. I LOVE this vintage rare g.92tt pedal with 2 vacuum tubes! Strudy pop switches you can feel ’em under the sole of a boot.