Kensington SlimBlade Media Mouse. Just pop in the USB controller and the mouse is ready to roll. It would’ve been ideal for Front Row, which is designed to be operated using a D-Pad. Use a text link, or download an image. The first time my dad used a mouse, he held it like a remote control, waving it futilely at the screen. Kensington estimates that one set of batteries can power the mouse for up to six months.

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The mouse worked with all three of these programs seamlessly. Enter kenzington zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. Some adjustment was required on my part to ensure I moved in the correct direction when using the scroll ball but this improved with practice. Mecia left and right buttons are situated either side of a small black ball surrounded by a silver collar. A rare dud from a company that’s kensington slimblade media mouse for quality.

This kensington slimblade media mouse is comfortable and responsive.

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Our current Free Prizedraw!! The mouse uses 2. You do have to use the mouse medix its normal mode to start the media player and select the appropriate mode. The first time my dad used a mouse, he held it like a remote control, waving it futilely at the screen. You kensington slimblade media mouse change your settings at any time.


Against Dodgy scroller wheel Limited media pad Picks up finger marks. Bizarrely, you can’t click it for a third mouse-button function either, but given how hard you have to press to scroll, this might kensington slimblade media mouse a blessing.

This offering is a laser mouse that communicates with the computer kensington slimblade media mouse a USB stick receiver with a wireless 2. It looks good and is packed with extras such as a start-up LED indicating battery strength and a slot for the wireless receiver within the unit, so you don’t lose it in your bag.

I could adjust the volume level but got no response with any of the other controls. Media Controls Kensington slimblade media mouse mouse features a multifunction navigation pad, which allows you to control digital media from anywhere in a room.

Reviews by related category Kensington Keyboards and Mice. Free Prizedraw Why join? Within its limitations, the media controls were fine unless you happen to be a fan of the Winamp software.

Kensington SlimBlade Presenter Media Mouse review

You find yourself scrolling sideways when you mean to move up or down too, which is annoying. Click here for free membership! It would’ve been ideal for Front Row, which is designed to be operated using a D-Pad.

It came with two AAA batteries and it worked great. You will be able to make fine adjustments with kensingtom laser precision that you just won’t find in a ball mouse.


Agree or disagree, or just have a question? Kensington slimblade media mouse friends and family to GadgetSpeak Why not invite friends or family to join in the fun? Editors Didn’t Like Inconvenient navigation placement; no mute button; scroll ball is not a button; scroll ball is hard to control. The SlimBlade is extremely easy to use. Unfortunately, its two key features are poorly executed. Kensington’s two-button SlimBlade Media Mouse not only features a scrollerball instead of a wheel putting it on a direct collision course with Apple’s own Mighty Mouse kensington slimblade media mouse flip it over and you find an iTunes media controller too.

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Come along and join in the fun! This freedom makes the mouse easier to use and ideal for such intense activities as computer gaming as well as kensington slimblade media mouse detail work such as photo editing. Bosch Mini Chain Saw. Use the box below and let everyone know. Slab mousse with a slightly curved top, this ambidextrous mouse is predominately black with a reflective sheen. This ball is a replacement of the wheel control we have come used to with various other mice.