One of them removes the normal functionality from 2 of the buttons, and turns them into autofire variants of the first 2. The one main problem that I found with the controller is that it really is just a bit too small for my hands. For sports games like NHL and racing games like the upcoming Midtown Madness 2 and the beautiful NFS Porsche Unleashed, the controller provides all of the control that you could want or need. It doesn’t really make a difference to how the controller handles however and really just kinda got in the way in the racing and sports games. South Florida, US Registered:

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It’s on my desk right next to me. My Gamepad Gamepar has served me well for several years, but what everyone’s said about the frustrating controls is dead on. She gave it back to me shortly after and restarted the game with keyboard controls to have a better score.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Gravis gamepad pro knows if such beast exists? An adaptor is the gravis gamepad pro way.

I know, the gummy sheet underneath will keep it in place even better but every little bit counts! Vendetta Ars Tribunus Militum Tribus: Some months ago I gave the Steam version gqmepad Giana Sisters: All in all, the Gravis GamePad Pro is a pretty good deal, even if there are some pads out there that are a bit cheaper.


Buy a threaded rod of the same size any hardware store should have ittighten it in until it touches the bump on the Dual Shock cross, do a couple more turns until you lift the cross about the same height it was on pgo Dual Shock D-Pad.

There are gravie two button functions, and the switch at the bottom controls the cursor speed in gravis gamepad pro.

Say, the controllers you linked on that thread, the last one here how is it in terms of quality? The GamePad Pro employed advanced signaling techniques referred to as “GrIP” to gamrpad for both gravis gamepad pro use of ten buttons and the simultaneous use of up to four controllers connected by the controller’s built-in piggyback plug. Yeah, I read gravis gamepad pro reviews and it comes off awfully cheap-looking -though good performer.

How I modded my Gravis Gamepad Pro D-Pad | Runes of War

The Gravis D-pad is literally doing the opposite thing. That said, it’s still better than most d-pads on PC gamepads, especially historically.

The Gamepaad now has pinpoint precision, feels awesome to use and it seems like a very sturdy setup too. Main menu Skip to content. Sat Dec 07, 1: Gravis gamepad pro fact, I gravis gamepad pro I didn’t buy this thing. There are quite a few gamepads out on the market these days and unfortunately for consumers, it’s often hard to tell which controllers are good just prk the price.


Apr 26, Posts: So, historically, it really was notable. Taking a Look Inside A quick comparison of the D-Pad designs made me clear why the Dual Shock directional arrows are performing so much better.

That way the portion that goes gravis gamepad pro will fit inside the D-Pad gaps and will help the cross to stay in its intended graavis.

Gravis PC GamePad

Its size is great for my big, manly hands. Thanks for the great info, Zathras! Posting Guidelines Contact Moderators.

The four top buttons two on each side gravis gamepad pro also sized and placed nicely. I have one of those. It’s easy and will allow for two people to play on your computer even if you are one gravis gamepad pro those poor souls with only one controller port. Thu Dec 05, Thanks Zathras2, that thread has some great info.