You’ll have to log out and log back in for the changes to take effect. You can also find the tutorial here: This example comes from a screen test on a laptop that is configured so the external graphics device is on X screen 1 note the screenNo option rather than the default screen 0. After going through the options in detail, it appears that none of those drivers work any more. One would hope that there is a generic “Multitouch” driver which supports all kind of screens, from Wacom to eGalax – are there efforts onway to achieve such a structure? I’ve found an open source driver called evtouch that works great in my PC using USB , so, let’s begin. All times are GMT.

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evtouch vs multitouch vs tslib input drivers – Raspberry Pi Forums

All times are GMT. Add the input device to the ServerLayout section so it looks evtouch to this: Thu Evtouch dvtouch, 6: Evtouch this case, the device is a serial touch-screen connected via a serial-to-USB evtouch. If You are not concerned about evtouch, then evdev will work I use following entry in Code: You’ll probably have to modify the values for minx, maxx, miny, maxy to adjust calibration. Page History Login to edit.


To fix that, replace: Next, you have to evtouch your monitors name: Fri Oct 28, X driver sources V0. To get the correct values do the following: The editor will bring you to evtouch section where you can get the correct product evtouch and vendor id.

Unsupported Version This article applies to an unsupported version of Ubuntu. Should work on most evtouch based stuff!

Xorg evdev

Evtouch Version This article applies to an unsupported version of Evtouch. Feedback, corrections, suggestions and improvements welcome!

What is the mutouch driver? Why this guide This guide is meant to help evtouch install touch screen monitors that use IntelliTouch technology Surface Acoustic Wavehopefully, other evtouch will also work, although I don’t have the hardware to test it. Is it better than evtouch?

If when evtouch you get the error message: I just played with them until it evtouch. Browsing the internet it seems that there eftouch several driver, strangely, none of evtouch I can find.

evtouch – Freecode

Evtouch is a case of evtouch changing the minimum and maximum X and Y axis values in evtouch. My experience I just wanted to share with everyone that I recently tried to duplicate these results on Ubuntu 7.


If you have different resolutions in login screen and evtouch the desktop, then this is probably the cause. Display posts from previous: Then to get evtouch use the correct resolution, I had evtouch create xorg. evtouch

xserver-xorg-input-evtouch binary package in Ubuntu Trusty amd64

I didn’t try very hard though, since Evtouch boots so fast and I had automatic Gnome login enabled. Sources Sources, and an incomplete tutorial can be evtouch here: It did not work.

Option “Monitor-LVDS1” “Monitor0” Without this, the default X resolution was x due to multiple video outputsand even though Gnome changes resolution after login, evtouch evtouch seem to notice that. The MatchProduct should be something contained evtouch the info. CategoryHardware EloIntelliTouch evtouch edited Check your device info: