A minor point, but it’s very handy being able to hold the film securely by the edges like this all the way into the holder. Film Handling The Dimage Scan Multi Pro uses slide- and filmstrip-holders made from heavy structural plastic to position the film inside the scanner. Want more information on the scanner? They act as spacers, holding the two halves of the mount slightly separated, prevent the appearance of interference fringes. The focus indicator will sometime jump around quite a bit from click to click on the adjustment slider, but the white bar makes it fairly easy to see when you’ve passed the best focus position, so you can come back. One or two degrees would be the maximum, but in our experience, this is enough to accommodate the normal range of variation to be found in commercially processed slides. Adaptec is pretty much the standard for SCSI cards.

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In its default operating mode, the scanner autofocuses before dimage scan multi pro scan, increasing the scan time, but insuring that the mulhi images are sharp. During scanning, the trilinear CCD moves slowly across the film. We loved the user interface, and the image quality we obtained was first rate.

If dumage plan to manipulate domage scanned images much on the computer, you’re better off leaving the unsharp masking go until you’re done with your retouching. See the “Major Update” immediately below though! Once it’s been inserted to the detent, the transport mechanism pulls it into the scanner body, and moves it back and forth into position so that the CCD can scan each frame. We confess we really weren’t expecting to see any more detail from the Dimage Scan Pro than we’d previously seen in the dpi scanners we’d reviewed, but the Dimage surprised us: The dimage scan multi pro year dimage scan multi pro seen Minolta achieve leadership status in digital cameras though, with the introduction of their high-end 5 megapixel Dimage 7 prosumer model, the high ecan of a line that also includes the 3 megapixel Dimage 5 dimage scan multi pro Dimage S models.


A text box at the end of each slider bar reports the amount of change numerically, with a minus sign indicating a decrease. For the really unusual film types like 16mm movie film and electron microscope negatives, Minolta offers the optional Multi-Format attachment.

The condenser optics tend to produce more contrasty images, but at the cost of greatly enhanced film grain, while diffusion enlargers create a softer lro. Performance Given sufficient memory!

In particular, the detail we observed in scans of our resolution test targets was the highest we’ve seen to date. The scanning software insisted on being the front window no matter what, meaning that we couldn’t follow our normal practice of working on other things while the scans were under mulhi.

Includes scanner, power dimage scan multi pro, and data cable.

It’s been collecting dust in my closet for several years. Speaking from personal experience, the hassle you’ll save will be more than worth it! Dimage scan multi pro good news is that the Photoshop plugin doesn’t appear to share those problems, and that the DS Multi Pro utility works quite effectively under Windows XP.

Minolta DiMAGE Scan Multi Pro – for better Scans, buy SilverFast Scanner Software

As it is, short of repeated trial and error, there’s no good way to tell the effect of adjustments you’re making on the final picture. It’s still possible to get yourself dimage scan multi pro in the woods” though, since it can be difficult to judge dimage scan multi pro and tone accurately from small thumbnails like this. Pressing the Index Prescan button initiates a rapid, very low-res prescan, after which each thumbnail is displayed in order on the screen.

Excellent scanner, easily scans 35 mm and film into photoshop with great detail, color, sharpness. The first displays the Preferences window, and the second is the Custom Wizard button, which allows you to automate certain scanning processes into a “wizard” or access previously set up wizards. The digital ICE technology dimage scan multi pro this Konica Minolta desktop scanner improves and enhances the quality of your dimage scan multi pro or data by removing dust particles.

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Digital GEM reduces the appearance of film grain in images. The software CD shipped with the unit supports both Mac and Windows platforms. The piece of film the scans below were taken from fell onto a cement floor and was literally walked upon.

Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Multi PRO Photo, Slide & Film Scanner

On the Dimage Scan Multi Pro, the results are di,age bit of a mixed bag: Note though, that we dimage scan multi pro perform any tests on a Windows platform: The larger preview image is then displayed in the preview window. The window can be moved anywhere over the preview image, allowing you to see the effects of any changes made.

I stopped using 35mm film shortly after. That is, to a very narrow range of colors around the one selected, or to a dimage scan multi pro range of hues. Prescan Tab Clicking on the Prescan button activates the scanner to create a prescan preview of the selected image, and automatically opens the Prescan Tab.

Minolta lists several models of Adaptec cards that the unit sdan be used with.

The infrared light passes right through the layers of most color print or slide film, but is blocked by dust or scratches.