Best wishes Paul 5. ODBC driver for InterBase can be used with bit and bit applications on both x32 and x64 platforms, so there is no need to additionally configure the driver, applications or environment. The installation will create a odbcinst. You can’t edit other events. PaulSp Posted 10 years ago

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Apologies in advance is the syntax isn’t perfect.

Now maybe you won’t be dreaming about the ODBC connection screens this weekend. Click OK to continue browsing the Devart site. You can read topics.

Link to Borland Interbase

We are grateful to Easysoft for supplying a great solution that helped us access our bit database. Then look no further. This option allows the behavior to be altered, such that the ODBC driver reports a precision that is the maximum possible precision that could be stored in the field, overriding inteebase actual stored precision.

Since the very beginning, Easysoft maintained very high standards in the technology that they use. My problem niterbase is configuring the linked server.

The name of the user that will borland interbase odbc supplied to InterBase to authenticate the connection.

InterBase ODBC Driver

It may be possible to use a dotted quad Borland interbase odbc address instead of ” servername “, but this is dependent on the IP protocol stack being used. You can’t post new topics. You can’t edit other posts. You can’t post replies to borland interbase odbc.

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You can’t delete other posts. The called procedure then generates a result set that can be accessed in the same way as any other result set.

As this type of connection is made in the process context of the client application, it can fail if the privileges of borland interbase odbc user do borland interbase odbc permit database access e. This option allows the driver to be configured to use the conversion that Microsoft Access expects.

The called procedure does not return a result set.

Best wishes Paul 7. You can’t delete borland interbase odbc own posts. The client process uses a network protocol to connect to a server process, which then connects to the server database, so avoiding many problems with permissions encountered when connecting to a local database.

Hi again Damon I was so pleased to see the tables, I didn’t think about query syntax. borland interbase odbc

It was just as you suggested, but the problem lay with borland interbase odbc ODBC driver. If this is the case, create a separate DSN with this option set for use only with Access.

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Developer Tools

Select the User DSN tab to set up a data source that only you can access. For details of the other attributes that can borland interbase odbc set in odbc. If you are borland interbase odbc an Executable procedure, enable Execute Proc check the attribute or set it to 1.

Note that although this ensures that transactions are restarted, the visibility of altered rows in other connections can be affected. You can download attachments.

Download InterBase

Forces a Commit after a Select statement if borland interbase odbc e. This prevents borlamd reporting a error under these conditions. The default isolation method can also be set via the ODBC API, but this attribute provides a way of setting it without altering the calling client application. As a long shot, you may also need to verify your MDAC version and components. Possible solution, kind of a vague response, but something borland interbase odbc go on You can’t edit your own posts.