A similar result is seen on the bottom side of the device. In the scope of the conducted measurements with the Mavo Monitor Brightness Indicator, the stated brightness values couldn’t quite be confirmed. The pad responded perfectly in the test and was very suitable as a mouse substitute. The notebook could fully convince in consideration of its port configuration. The display hinges seemed almost undersized but they held the display of the test device quite acceptably in place. Acer homepage Acer notebook section Aspire Series. Even if the idea of two graphic cards in one notebook was primarily reserved for high performance bolides, gradually you find models with a dual graphic solution in low priced starting devices.

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Typing on the keyboard is particularly distinct with a very resilient feel The notebook aspire 5530 fully convince in consideration of its port configuration.

In classic office applications the notebook remains on this level. Review Aspire 5530 Aspire G Notebook. An additional advantage is the excessive number of the total of ports. In qspire test a noticeable benefit of the Crossfire solution from ATI was seen, after all. The advantage is far smaller, in the best case approx. If you follow the official statements from Acer, the Aspire G should almost be capable aspire 5530 replacing a hi-fi system: AMD has always played it closer to the lower end of the budget spectrum, offering decent aspire 5530 at a competitive price, and this is continued in the Acer Aspire G.

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Then it runs consistantly in the background. The Aspire 5530 G can be described as audible but not disturbing with This indicates a rather dire Crossfire support from “Crysis”, which has to cope more with the extra overhead of both ATIHD graphic cards than it is of use in the end.

It is still valid here: In regards to the response aspire 5530, Acer states a value of 8.

Acer Aspire specifications

In the following review, you can read of aspire 5530 use aspife combination of two HD graphic cards are. Inside Aspire 5530 With nice balance between price, possibilities, accessories and quality build Acer Aspire 5530 G is solid purchase. The result with the deactivated Crossfire function turned out very interesting, as well: It’s better to have one highly efficient aspier graphic card than two combined weaker aspire 5530 chips.

The AcerAspire GG32Bi positions itself as a low-priced multimedia starting device which tries to distinguish itself from the mass-market of possible competitors in this league, with its extensive connectivity, the integrated Blu-Ray drive and not last but least the Crossfire graphic solution.

The hardware finds asplre performance limits fast when doing computationally intensive programs. Acer also equips its Aspire G very generously with communication modules.

Acer Aspire 5530G

Differences to various aspire 5530 found in retail with the same brand name can’t be completely excluded. The data storage medium with a format of 2.

With this, it is in the center span of comparable models. With this, a wireless communication with your mobile phone or external wireless peripheral devices shouldn’t be a problem. aspire 5530


Especially the staging of aspire 5530 LED power button is a aspire 5530 too much for our taste because the shrill blue light is always in the line of sight when looking at the display and therefore can be described as annoying.

At a price of approx.

Acer Aspire 5530 Motherboards

Quality journalism is paid by advertising. For testing reasons we ran “Crysis” on the device, too. This bids two computer cores with a clock rate aspire 5530 2 gigahertz.

We could ascertain problems in the area of the bottom side of the case-tray in the test. Acer Aspire G Average Score: This also applies to the subwoofer, which barely contributes to the sound experience. The tag “CrystalBrite” refers to the reflective surface which is a usual for notebooks in this price category, though. Aspire 5530, this will stay within a aspire 5530 due to the fact that the notebook weighs a bit under 3 kilograms plus half a kilogram for the necessary power supply.

The notebook has to be described as unpleasantly loud in this condition. This may be related to the aspire 5530 unit, which gives in aspire 5530 pressure and recoils during typing.