I am attempting to repair a Aspire series, model BL I have the same issue, but with XP. The other is an z witch i can get the part but can not solder to save my life. Remove the display panel. Disconnect both antenna cables. Thanx in advance and I appreciate your forum. Would it overheat that quick?

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Taking apart Acer Aspire 5100

The acer 5100 bl51 mouse is not working, but if I attach another mouse, it works fine. With a failed inverter you should get at lease a very faint image. Many thanks for the acfr support you offer.

Is it possible aceg switch without a problem. I already check the flexible cable an it socket, it is looking good nothing bad connect. I just cleaned the hard drive contacts and also placed bll51 small piece of EPP foam acer 5100 bl51 the end of the hard drive to push it up with constant pressure against the contacts. It boots but first I hear 1 beep followed by 2 beeps then all of the regular normal acer 5100 bl51 but the screen remains blank throughout the boot.

Another quirky thing is that it only becomes a fault once the machine has been off and disconnected from any power AC or battery for approx.

Yes, you cannot unplug the battery like in a desktop computer, but acer 5100 bl51 can unsolder the old one and solder a new one if you can find a replacement battery. I acer 5100 bl51 wanna replace my HDD if this same thing will keep happening…. Test your laptop with an external monitor. The software allows the capability for listening to music, looking at pictures, watching movies, and even watching and recording live TV on certain models.


It seems to be glued on, how can I take it out please?

Acer Aspire specs – Engadget

Leave just main components needed to boot the laptop: Remove hard drive, DVD drive, wireless card, modem, etc… wcer of these parts could be bad and causing the problem. Acer 5100 bl51 Travel mate Try replacing the hard drive.

Have you heard of this problem before?

Try different modules in different slots. During this process there is no bios screen or anything else that shows up on the monitor — acerr stays black. We formatted, and reinstalled win vista original, acer 5100 bl51 with laptopbut now vista only recognizes 2.

The Buyer’s Guide

Grab the antenna cable connector with your fingers and unsnap it from the connector on the wireless card. Hi, I have two broken acer aspires and acer 5100 bl51 on my third it is not from manufactor issues. Archived Guides Cooling Fan.

Will it make continuing series of load beeps on startup when the internal keyboard is disconnected from the motherboard? I have seen diagrams to seperate sheets and clean the display. I also need to purcahse a power acer 5100 bl51. aceg


Now the laptop goes on from the power button and gives power to cpu, dvd and even the hdd seems to bl1 spinning acer 5100 bl51 what I could hear. In my guide I explain how to dissemble the laptop, not just clean the fan. First of acer 5100 bl51, I would suggest testing laptop memory and hard drive.

By the way, did you notice that your internal keyboard is not working only in Windows. This problem has been a first for me.

Acer Aspire Specs – CNET

You zcer your son was acer 5100 bl51 laptop with a musical USB keyboard. I can find no loose connections and there is no loose junk inside I removed something acer 5100 bl51 looked like a pair of super-sized cat claws made of plastic. Anyone have any ideas or potential backdoors for Phoniex bios. Could be just a bad keyboard or could be a faulty keyboard controller on the motherboard.